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Wedding photographer's are the one's who will capture your special day forever thru the photo's they take.  Thus why it is so important to hire a professional photographer. Not just any professional photographer but one who specializes in weddings. Wedding photographers understand time constraints and timelines that need to be followed in order to capture each amazing moment of your wedding day. Another reason to hire a professional wedding photographer is that they know to get shots of all your pretty details, these include ring shots, wedding dress, shoes, a family locket, tie, watch, invitation/stationary. Professional wedding photographer’s will capture those special getting ready moments with your gal pals and your bro’s! Not to mention Mom zipping up your dress or pinning the boutonniere on her son’s lapel and so much more. 

Another reason to hire a professional wedding photographer is that they are going to have the right gear to shoot your wedding. They also have back up systems so your images will not be lost. Many offer printing on canvas, metal or a beautiful hardbound book as well. 

When researching a wedding photographer, check out their reviews on different platforms. 

Google, yelp, wedding wire etc. not just what is on their website. This goes for all vendors types you are looking to hire. 


When it comes to choosing a photographer here are a few things you need to consider: 


  1. Editing Style - each photographer has their own unique style of photography. Here are few of the different styles currently out there: Dark & Moody, light and airy, natural light, true color/whole photo in focus, enhanced color, golden. 

  2. Do you click? - You need to feel comfortable with them, if you are not relaxed it will show in your photo’s. You need to be able to totally be yourself. Do they get you, do you have things in common with them, do they understand the look and feel you want for your photo’s??? 

  3. Pricing - Does their pricing fit in your budget? 

  4. Time frame - Depending on your wedding party size, the amount of photo's you want taken etc. will dictate how much time you. Typically 4 hours is not enough. 6-8 hours and sometimes more are needed to capture all that you want captured. From getting ready to photo's to first look thru to your sparkler send off. 

  5. Shooting Style - Do you want more posed photo's or more candids or a nice balance of both. Do you have a lot of family or college friends you want pics with. All of these are things, you need to discuss with your photographer when figuring out how much time you will need to hire them for. 

  6. View Entire Wedding Galleries - Once you have figured out what style of photography you love, the next step is to view galleries on (Facebook, Instagram & websites. Many wedding photographers are now putting full wedding galleries on their website which is awesome. But, I am going to let you in on a  little secret...when it comes to photography it take a lot of shooting to master being a consistent photographer who can shoot indoor and outdoor weddings so that they are both amazing. Many photographers can shoot great outdoors, but you get them inside and it's a huge challenge and doesn't always turn out good. So, if you find a photographer you love, ask to see a full gallery of an outside wedding and a full gallery of an inside wedding. 

Photos from your wedding are what is going to take you down memory lane every time you look at them. I know a wedding photographer is a big investment. That is why it is so important that you do your research to make sure you are getting the photographer you adore and are 100% confident in their abilities.  The thing that breaks my heart is when a couple gets their photos back and they are not what they expected or things/people they wanted photographed didn't happen. The final thing I have to say is make sure you have open communication with you photographer. Let them know how you want your day to look and feel and if you have some must have photo you want taken, to provide them with a list in advance...not day of. Also, don't go crazy with the list. They are professionals and usually will get all the important things and people, but again the open communication will verify that. 

To help you identify what editing/shooting style appeals to you, browse the photos' in this blog and feel free to clink on the link to the photographers page to view more. 

If you have questions or need something clarified a bit more, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 


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